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Purchasing a Property

Properties are available in different categories islandwide. The prices range in order of quantity, location, size and aesthetics. A firm offer is sealed with a 10% deposit subject to the terms and conditions contained in the relevant Agreements. The deposit can either be held in Escrow by the Purchaser's Solicitor or by Reliable Realtors.

Selling a Property

The true value of a property can be established by a Professional Valuer. A vendor, of course, has the option of accepting any sum that he/she considers reasonable for a property. It is our policy to work closely with the vendor to establish the best selling price and to market accordingly.

Alien's Landholding License

A foreign national is required to obtain an alien's landholding license for a specific property that is being purchased. A Solicitor would have to be contracted to apply for this license. At the time of application, an initial non-refundable fee of E.C.$200.00 is to be paid. The application fee is E.C.$1,500.00.

The following are required for an Alien's Land Holding Application:

- Certified Finger Print Forms from the Applicant

- Statutory Declaration in accordance with Section 23 of Alien's (Licensing) Act

- Agreement for Sale

- Survey Plan and Map Sheet

- Copy of Land Register

- Copy of Vendor's Title Deed

- Two Colour Photographs of the Applicant

- Banker's Reference

- Police Certificate of Character

- Passport Details and Photocopy

Currency Exchange

The Eastern Caribbean Dollar is tied to the U.S. Dollar

- Buying U.S.$1.00                        - E.C.$2.67 (cash)

- Buying U.S.$1.00                        - E.C.$2.6882 (cheques)

- Selling U.S.$1.00                        - E.C.$2.7169

All other currencies depend on the current rate of the day.



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